NSX Coil Guards

A common problem with the NSX is water getting in the rear engine coils causing them to prematurely fail. This kit uses two guards, one lower in the vent scoop and one upper at the vent edge reducing the water intrusion by directing the water away from the top of the engine and to the sides. The kit includes a 5-pc silicone hole plug kit for the garnish and matching upper for the left side. The hole plugs include three for the garnish screw holes to prevent water from entering and two matching grommets for the strut holes. Instructions included

NOTE: The silicone grommets may not work with some aftermarket suspensions but they are not required for water protection.


DDF- 101F  Coil Guard Full Kit

Upper and Lower for the Right side, Upper for the Left side and 5-pc black silicone plugs.





Upper foam
NSX Coil Guard 6
NSX Coil Guard 7